Basic Meander

Basic Meander

I’m a little behind on posting customer quilts so here’s a couple that I’ve delivered recently.


Mack’s “quilt” is fleece and flannel, no batting.  To make it as big as possible, I loaded the fleece to the leaders and floated the flannel on the top even though the flannel is the backing.  Because both fabrics were about the same size, I did not clamp or baste the sides of the top, I just held on to the edges!  With the Bliss on my APQS Millennium I can operate my machine one handed!   It did help that the quilting design was a big meander!



I used a Superior Thread that matched perfectly with the fleece and contrasted the flannel “top”, which really helped me see where I was stitching!






Here’s Dianne’s quilt with another meander, but smaller.  This customer brought puffy batting which really makes the quilting stand out and highlights the black thread.





I also just finished a little project for myself using a little meander on flannel fabrics with 100% cotton batting.  I machine washed and dried it to increase the “wrinkles”!  It is so cute but I can’t post it yet, it’s a surprise!

Thanks for looking and just keep stitchin’




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