Cockscomb Meander video

Cockscomb Meander video
Cockscomb Meander video

Here’s my first foray in quilting videos!  Thanks to Connie at Artisan at Heart for requesting it and to my dear hubby for operating the camera and getting it uploaded to YouTube.  The tricky part is trying to sew with the Millennium handles straight up so they are out of the camera view.

I designed this E2E pattern when Candace of Double Nickel Quilt Challenge brought me a quilt with Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  I call it Cockscomb Meander but another good name would be Fassett Flowers!  It’s very simple and easy to change for your own personal style and density.  Here’s some quilts with the design.  Ginny’s QuiltCandace’s Quilt.  Hope you like it and have fun!!

Thanks for looking and just keep stitchin’ !


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  3. Linda, I love this design!! I am soooo tucking this away for future reference!