SpinSanity by Celia

SpinSanity by Celia

Isn’t this a fun quilt?!  The pattern is Spinsanity, but Celia has changed it from the original.  Do you do make changes to patterns?

I was very excited to learn that Celia will be adding a piping element next to the binding.  It will be the same fabric as the narrow border.  I hope I get to see it after it’s finished.

For the quilting, we decided to do separate border designs, background fill in the dark areas and create a floral element for the spinning block centers.  I changed the thread color from Rainbows in the border and blocks to So Fine 50 in the narrow border and OMNI in the dark background.

The wool batting shows off the quilting with the right light.  Enjoy the pictures, I love how this quilt turned out!

I love the unexpected spinning flower in the blocks!

I love it when you turn the quilt to the back and it looks awesome!  I was a little worried about matching the bobbin thread to the dark OMNI thread for the background fill but it looks great on the back.


How many times did I say “love”?!



Thanks for looking and just keep “stitchin” !



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