Tumbling Blocks quilt – it’s a big one!

Tumbling Blocks quilt – it’s a big one!

This is a big one, much bigger than my hanging space for pictures!

I was very honored that Diane wanted me to quilt this for her.  She spent 2 1/2 years assembling this quilt with lots and lots of “Y” seams!  She wanted the quilting to accent the blocks and stabilize the “Y”seams.  I suggested a continuous curve throughout the blocks and  some ghosted blocks on the edges for interest.

I love this quilt!  It was hard to decide what pictures to post, I took so many.

The thread matched the background fabric perfectly and the small meander frames the tumbling blocks.

As awesome as the front is, the back shows a great secondary pattern, not visible from the front.

The continuous curves mimics another block called Cathedral Windows, which Diane considered making instead of the tumbling block.

The optical illusions are awesome with this quilt.

Thanks for looking!  🙂 Linda

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4 Responses

  1. I love this quilt! I am wanting to make one like it. I like the choice of color, the quilting design and the fabric choice made with the double frame border. Do you have any information on what fabric pattern was chosen, size cuts and finished measurement? *I am new to quilting so I hope these aren’t stupid questions.


  2. Thank you! Love your questions! The quilt maker, Diane, designed this quilt using the traditional method of making a “Y” seam block. The border was her design, too. If you search for tumbling or baby block you’ll find some patterns to make one. The blocks use diamond shapes and the color placement creates the 3D effect. Sorry, I’m not sure of the diamond shape size Diane used.

  3. Thank you Linda. I finally found a pattern to use and I am going to use Diane’s quilt as a reference guide to base my fabric choices on. I really like the cream colored inner border to square the blocks pattern up before framing it in a darker color. I appreciate you getting back to me with your reply.