Vintage quilt question

Vintage quilt question


Here’s my next quilt for LAQ.  It’s a vintage quilt with hand pieced blocks and machine stitched borders.  Some of the fabrics look like feed sack material.

One of my books, called this block, “Zig Zag”.  Is there another name for it?

Leave me a comment if you know of another name for this block!  Thanks!!  🙂 Linda

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2 Responses

  1. In Block Base it is block 1130b and has many published names including Battle Ax of Thor, Catch Me If You Can, Chinese 10,000 Perfections, Devil’s Dark Horse, Favorite of the Peruvians, Flyfoot, Heart’s Seal, Mound Builders, Pure Symbol of Right Doctrine, Spider, Whirligig, Wind Power of the Osages, and Swastika.