How fun is that?!

How fun is that?!

Dinosaur Quilt


Marilyn has completed 2 fun quilts!  The dinosaur quilt is totally pieced, not applique!  She’ll add some eyes when she finishes it.  What dinosaur loving kid wouldn’t want this quilt!




Frothy Seas Pantograph


I love how the quilting design, Frothy Seas Pantograph, compliments the prehistoric elements of the quilt.




Monkey Quilt


And the second quilt is a Monkey quilt!

How fun is that?!




Swirl and Curl around the monkey






We initially decided to quilt it with a pantograph, but I felt the little monkey heads would be cuter with an outline stitch and freehand Swirl and Curl.

Thanks!  I’m still working on secret projects that I can’t share.  What are you working on?

🙂 Linda




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