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How fun is that?!

How fun is that?!

Dinosaur Quilt


Marilyn has completed 2 fun quilts!  The dinosaur quilt is totally pieced, not applique!  She’ll add some eyes when she finishes it.  What dinosaur loving kid wouldn’t want this quilt!




Frothy Seas Pantograph


I love how the quilting design, Frothy Seas Pantograph, compliments the prehistoric elements of the quilt.




Monkey Quilt


And the second quilt is a Monkey quilt!

How fun is that?!




Swirl and Curl around the monkey






We initially decided to quilt it with a pantograph, but I felt the little monkey heads would be cuter with an outline stitch and freehand Swirl and Curl.

Thanks!  I’m still working on secret projects that I can’t share.  What are you working on?

🙂 Linda




Gothic Vine Pantograph

Gothic Vine Pantograph

Karen’s “Squares” quilt is perfect for the Gothic Vine pantograph.  The scroll design of the pantograph compliments the architectural feel of the quilt.  The batting is Quilter’s Dream 100% cotton select.

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