Happy New 2014 Year!

Happy New 2014 Year!



Out with 2013 and in with 2014!  Happy New Year to you and yours!





a little sliver of aqua love





Even though my pile of personal quilts to finish is huge, I’m very happy with the quilts I did finish this year.  I love all my quilts but one of my favorites (and most viewed) was, “Love Birds”, a wedding quilt for Ashley and Travis.


Back and front detail





Another favorite is the project I finished for my sister, it was a “cheater” quilt but I had a tremendous amount of fun quilting it!



Corner quilting detail




It’s much harder to pick my favorite customer quilt.  It’s always the last one that I worked on!  I’ve started more quilts because of the awesome quilts my customers make.  Now, I just need to finish them.   One quilt that I know I’ll never make was expertly pieced by my friend, Candra and I was honored to quilt it for her.


It’s called Wedding Bands by Judy Martin, published in her book called, Stellar Quilts.  Here’s a pic of the corner, my favorite part!

Thank you, thank you to everyone who partnered with me to create finished quilts this year!  I really appreciate the opportunity to explore my free-style freedom quilting.   And I look forward to creating more next year!

See you next year!!!

🙂 Linda

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One Response

  1. I always enjoy looking at your quilt and the beautiful job you do quilting them.

    Happy New Year to you and your family.