Quilting Deja Vu!

Quilting Deja Vu!

Soft Lines 2Look familiar?  When you have the fabric, keep making quilts!  I thought she was doing random piecing but Ashton used a pattern called “Fiddlesticks“.  This is another example of a quilt that I want to make!

Like her previous quilt, we used Quilter’s Dream Puff batting and simple undulating lines for the quilting.

Flannel backingThe backing is flannel, nice.  This is going to be a soft, cuddly quilt for her mom!

I can’t believe we’re one week into the new year!  Do you have a long list of quilting resolutions?  My list is always the same – Finish, Finish, Finish!  So, I started the year quilting one of my own quilts, yay!  It’s a secret until I give it away, stay tuned.

What’s on the top of your list for 2014?

🙂 Linda

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