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Baby Liam’s Tone it Down Tummy Time quilt!

Baby Liam’s Tone it Down Tummy Time quilt!

Liam's Tone it Down Tummy Time quiltIn September, I found out my niece, Ashley was pregnant and that we were having a baby shower for her when our family gathered for our annual Thanksgiving adventure.  I was sure I wouldn’t be able to get a tummy time quilt done and that I’d send it to her when the baby was born in March.  Not so!!  Normally, my Tummy Time quilts are bright and scrappy, however, I knew Ashley was using a Tone it Down palette for her nursery and I decided to work with that.  I had a Moda charm pack called Road 15 that I added two soft peppered cottons to make this sweet Tummy Time quilt.  The quilting is a simple soft grid and the batting is Quilters Dream 100% cotton.wrapped and ready!I found the perfect backing fabric in my stash, (smiley face) and here’s my usual quilt wrapping.  I love it!me and ashleyThe baby shower was last week and here’s the beautiful mommy to be!

Why my baby quilts are called Tummy Time quilts – About six years ago I made a baby quilt for my niece’s baby Gabriella and when I gave it to her, she said, this will be perfect for Tummy Time, along with an explanation of what tummy time is.  Light bulb!  Since then, every baby quilt I give is called Tummy Time, with a note explaining that these are not heirlooms but quilts to use and abuse!

I’ve added a new video to my “Quilt Easy” series, check it out here!

Thanks!  Linda

Quilting Deja Vu!

Quilting Deja Vu!

Soft Lines 2Look familiar?  When you have the fabric, keep making quilts!  I thought she was doing random piecing but Ashton used a pattern called “Fiddlesticks“.  This is another example of a quilt that I want to make!

Like her previous quilt, we used Quilter’s Dream Puff batting and simple undulating lines for the quilting.

Flannel backingThe backing is flannel, nice.  This is going to be a soft, cuddly quilt for her mom!

I can’t believe we’re one week into the new year!  Do you have a long list of quilting resolutions?  My list is always the same – Finish, Finish, Finish!  So, I started the year quilting one of my own quilts, yay!  It’s a secret until I give it away, stay tuned.

What’s on the top of your list for 2014?

🙂 Linda

Keep it Simple

Keep it Simple

soft lines

Sometimes simple is best.  Ashton’s instructions for this quilt – soft, puffy, no circles.

Quilter’s Dream Puff batting

So Fine #50 soft grey thread

Irregular soft vertical lines


Ashton's grey yellow white

While this photo doesn’t do the colors justice, you can see the fun blocks used to make this quilt.


Now, time to finish packing for Houston Quilt Festival!!!!

See you there!




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