Brandenburg Flowers

Brandenburg Flowers

Stephanie Brandenburg Daydreams

When Sheila brought me this Stephanie Brandenburg quilt, I knew I would need lots of thread!  In fact, this is the reason I have a large thread collection!  I had great fun with thread play on this quilt and used eleven different So Fine! #50 colors.

11 thread colors

I  used double batting for this project, Quilter’s Dream Poly black and Hobb’s Heirloom wool.  Stephanie Brandenburg paints with color, I painted with thread!  Fair warning!  Lot’s of pictures!

IrisIris back detailPoppyPoppy back detailSunflowerSunflower back detailLilyLily back detailBack quilting
Thanks for looking!
🙂 Linda

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4 Responses

  1. That looks just spectacular! Your quilting is amazing and the thread colour choices really bring each flower to life. I bet that took a few hours or so to complete. It amazes me how quilters like you seem to come up with a quilting design that really compliments the quilt. Great job!