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Mimi’s I Spy!

Mimi’s I Spy!

double nickel birthday girlAnother March finish!  With my sister’s double nickel birthday fast approaching I got busy and finished her “I Spy” quilt.  Look familiar?  It’s the same quilt design as Haley’s I Spy quilt.  My original plan was to make one for each of her grandchildren when her first 2 were born in 2011.  Well, I wasn’t fast enough and now she has 3, plus another due next month!   Therefore, one quilt for Mimi!  Every time they come to Mimi’s house they can play I Spy together.

Patty 55The “P” block reveals her age!

Love LindaThe “L” block is my signature.

Stitched labelThe border became the stitched label.

Name detailOne of my quilting buddies sold me her alphabet panel so I could spell out their family name!  That was lucky!

Mimi's I SpyI love it!  And I’m linking with Such a Sew and Sew: A Stitch In Time for another March finish!  Check out the other projects here.

Thanks!  Linda 🙂

March Finishes

Kinsey’s I-Spy

Kinsey’s I-Spy

Kinsey's I-SpyHere’s another fun I-Spy quilt by Candace of Double Nickel Quilts and Moore About Nancy – Nancy Cabot SewAlong.  What’s cool about this quilt is it has the same I-Spy squares as one of Kinsey’s siblings so they can play an I-Spy or a matching game together.

Name detailLittle loops and outlining define the name.

mod flowers and loopsThe quilting design is a freehand mod flowers and loops.

What’s your favorite I-Spy pattern?  The only I-Spy I’ve made was for my granddaughter for Christmas in 2005!  I can’t believe it was that long ago and that I could find a picture to share!

I Spy Christmas 2005

Thanks!  Linda 🙂


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