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Goodbye 2016! Happy 2017!

Goodbye 2016! Happy 2017!

As I look back at my posts for this year, it appears that I haven’t been very active!  Well, it’s quite the opposite!  I’ve been too busy to post what I’ve been up to!  One of the reasons would be this little sweetheart and I’m not complaining!  Photo credit goes to our amazing daughter, Stephanie Marie Photography!And wedding! Photo credit Lauren Konrad PhotographyAnd Family!We now have four generations living within a few miles of each other!  We are busy and blessed!

I did manage to stitch 51 customer quilts, 11 charity quilts and 10 personal quilts on my longarm this year.

Here’s a photo dump of some of my finished projects – quilting, sewing, knitting and crocheting!   Some of my favorites this year are the phone/tablet holders.  I’ve lost track of how many I made!  I made a few new and revised dish mats but no pics for those!  Sometimes I forget to take pictures!  Cloth books for babies were another favorite!  I couldn’t stop making them!  And then there is crocheting.  I’ve made several infinity scarves with Scarfie yarn which makes an ombre pattern when done!  I can’t stop buying the yarn!!Be Positive Wall Hanging for JaimeBe Positive Mini Quilt for Schneiter BabyBe Positive Mini quilt for Czech Schneiter baby Phone holder More Phone holders Ken's drumming phone holder Cloth books and dolly quilt for Skylar

Dolly and dolly quilt for Audrey Cloth book for Audrey

Animal quilt for Audrey

Drawstring totes for the big kids

Microwave bowls More microwave bowls

Audrey travel pillow for sleeping Another Audrey travel pillow

Crochet twist headband

Hot pad table runnerThe Hot Pad Table Runner is a best selling pattern designed by my friend!  You can download the pattern at  Fabric2Go.com   You can also purchase some pretty awesome fabric!

Now, on to next year! If you’re curious about any of the projects I made this year, comment on my Facebook page and I’ll send you a link to the free pattern, if available.  Many of them are on my Pinterest page, too.   And if you need another place to connect, find me on Instagram!

That’s all for now, see you next year!

Linda 🙂

A Christmas Quilt for Chris

A Christmas Quilt for Chris

Chris and me! Chris's Stacked Squares QuiltOne of my favorite things is giving quilts!  My goal in life is to make a quilt for everyone in my family.  I have a big family and it keeps growing with marriages and babies!  I couldn’t be happier, more quilts to make and give away!  Even though Chris is not “technically” a family member, he is definitely family and has won our hearts, including our daughter’s.  This is one of my all time favorite quilts to make and give away.  It’s a cozy quilt that’s easy care, machine wash and dry.  Yes, I have another Stacked Squares quilt started!  I’ll keep making them until the fabric runs out!

Thanks for looking!  If you’re traveling today – be safe!  🙂 Linda

Another March Finish!

Another March Finish!


Here’s the after washing and drying picture of my homespun Stacked Squares quilt.  Yes, I have made several of these quilts.  I believe this is the 12th one!  Every time I start one of these for myself, I end up giving it away!  So, I’ll be starting another one for me.  13 is a lucky number in our house, so I’ll keep that one for me!  Maybe!!





Here’s a view before washing and drying.  I love how the homespun shrinks up and gets all cuddly and wrinkly.  I’m using Quilter’s Dream 100% cotton select batting.


I’m linking up to Such a Sew and Sew: A Stitch in Time… for another March finish.  My first finish was a little potholder.

Thanks for looking and just keep stitchin’ !


March Finishes

Two more Stacked Squares!

Two more Stacked Squares!

When my nephew got married this summer, what was his present?  A “Stacked Squares” quilt!  Here’s how I “wrap” my quilts for gift giving.  You might notice one square has their name and wedding date stitched on it, too!  The second Stacked Squares went to college with my daughter and I forgot to get a picture, thus here’s a pic of me and my daughter posing in her dorm room!   For Brett’s wedding quilt and Rachel’s dorm quilt, the border is a wavy crosshatch, otherwise, the details are the same as my previous post.

Stacked Squares quilt

Stacked Squares quilt

It’s really great when I get to quilt one of my own quilts, especially when they are gifts for special people.  This is a fun, fast quilt to put together from a pre-cut kit available at  The Fabric Stash Club.   I think I have made 8 of these and still don’t have one for myself!  You just stack the squares together and stitch around the edges.   Wavy outline quilting and the Quilter’s Dream 100% cotton select batting adds lots of texture.  The completed quilt is machine washed and dried giving it that antique, soft and cuddly look.   The edges are going to fray which gives it a tattered look.  The combination of 100% cotton batting and homespun or yarn dyed flannel are necessary for that effect.  Just for fun, I added a greeting to the borders congratulating the recipients on their 50th wedding anniversary!

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