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Terry Twist Plus

Terry Twist Plus

Double 4 Patch

I love how Candy of Double Nickel Quilt Challenge keeps creating quilts that are fun to quilt!  She’s challenged me to use different approaches that compliment the quilt without being heavily quilted.  While a pantograph would have been okay for this quilt, I really felt that would take away from the secondary pattern of the block set.  I decided to do a type of Terry Twist continuous curve with an added line through the middle in each block and small 4 patch block.

Terry Twist Plus

As you can see it creates it’s own secondary patterns which give texture and movement.  I wanted to keep the pattern going into the border so I just imagined that the border was a block and continued the pattern.  Let me know what you think!

Border detail

The batting is Quilter’s Dream Poly select and the thread is OMNI by Superior Threads.

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