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Mountains Wall Hanging

Mountains Wall Hanging


Nancy has made a wonderful wall hanging!  She let me have full reign with this one!  Her main request was that the thread matched the fabric and I said, “I can do that!”  I knew there was a reason that I “collected” thread.  Here’s a big endorsement of Superior Threads’ So Fine #50, lots of colors and great for blending and thread play.  I used 11 different threads!









I just keep stacking them up on the ledge behind my longarm.  I usually match top and bobbin thread so the back of this quilt is just as interesting as the front!







As I quilted this, my focus was to add an organic detail and movement.  Some elements are not visible from the front without direct lighting and that’s okay, it’s adds lots of great texture.  I changed direction to contrast the neighboring element.




Nancy wanted a flat appearance so we used Quilter’s Dream 100% cotton select batting.  Even with fairly dense quilting, it lays flat.


I love the tree detail!













Thanks for looking!



Sheri’s Christmas Wall Hanging

Sheri’s Christmas Wall Hanging

Here’s a great little panel with custom quilting for Sheri to hang in the Sully, IA post office where she works!

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Check out the wall hanging at Sully Iowa post office before Christmas!

Just keep stitching!


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