In The Bag – Ugly Fabric Quilt Challenge

In The Bag – Ugly Fabric Quilt Challenge

Chevron Picnic Quilt

Mission accomplished!  The “ugly” fabric that I received from Patti in Canada is a quilt!  All the fabric is from Patti, except a little bit of white for the blocks and the backing fabric.  No fabric was purchased for this challenge, all stash fabric!

I love how it looks outside on the grass or picnic table.  Each row is quilted with a different design to the middle and then mirrored.  The thread is white and doesn’t show except on the green blocks!  That’s okay, it adds texture and I love the white thread on the white fabric.

Turning the quilt gives it a different look, too!

See. the back is really the ugly fabric!  I want to use this quilt so I did not want white backing fabric.  Of course, I have to show you the back to reveal the quilting detail!

Now, I haven’t planted petunias in 2 or 3 years but in the middle of my yard, next to the tree stump is a volunteer petunia that started blooming this week.  Not sure how it got there, some critter must have planted it for me!

Have you participated in a swap like this?  Check out other posts about this challenge.  Thanks for looking!  :)Linda

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2 Responses

  1. Love the quilting on this. I don’t even notice the fabric choices. Makes me want to make one just like yours….except….my quilting probably wouldn’t be as great as yours. I certainly have plenty of “what was I thinking” fabrics” to try this.