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Modern Chevron Baby Quilt

Modern Chevron Baby Quilt

Ashton's Chevron quiltChevrons and zig zags are everywhere!  Ashton, a new quilter, designed this modern chevron quilt for a new baby’s room.  The orange matches the decor and the single row of aqua adds a splash of interest.

Ashton asked for a big swirly quilting design.  No problem!  I love quilting “Swirl ‘n Curl”!  Quilting big can be a problem as I tend to quilt small!

Swirl 'n CurlThe half square triangles are 8″ blocks and my swirls cover the area without being too tiny!

shadow thru backThe backing is light and the view from the back is cool, too!

Have you made a chevron quilt or plan to?  Here’s a great pattern from Double Nickel Quilt Challenge called Chevrony.  It’s on my quilts to make list.  Check out my Pinterest Quilts to Make board for other quilts on my list!

Thanks!  Linda 🙂


Purple and Grey Chevron Quilt

Purple and Grey Chevron Quilt

Modern Quilting

I love it when a quilt lets me play!  For Mary’s Chevron quilt, each white zig-zag is quilted with a different motif.  The double zig-zag rows are quilted with a free-hand Swirl and Curl.  My camera didn’t like purple and thankfully, it wasn’t raining so I could take an outside picture.

Chevron quilt back

The pieced back is busy fabric except the solid grey, which lets the quilting pop!  I love it!

The batting is Quilter’s Dream Poly select and the thread is Superior So Fine#50.  Quilter’s Dream Poly is not your grandmother’s polyester batting!  It quilts just like a fine cotton batting.  It’s lightweight and easy care – machine wash and dry – with little to no shrinkage.  This has become my customers go to batting for predominantly white quilts, baby quilts and large quilts to reduce weight.

Thanks!  🙂 Linda

In The Bag – Ugly Fabric Quilt Challenge

In The Bag – Ugly Fabric Quilt Challenge

Chevron Picnic Quilt

Mission accomplished!  The “ugly” fabric that I received from Patti in Canada is a quilt!  All the fabric is from Patti, except a little bit of white for the blocks and the backing fabric.  No fabric was purchased for this challenge, all stash fabric!

I love how it looks outside on the grass or picnic table.  Each row is quilted with a different design to the middle and then mirrored.  The thread is white and doesn’t show except on the green blocks!  That’s okay, it adds texture and I love the white thread on the white fabric.

Turning the quilt gives it a different look, too!

See. the back is really the ugly fabric!  I want to use this quilt so I did not want white backing fabric.  Of course, I have to show you the back to reveal the quilting detail!

Now, I haven’t planted petunias in 2 or 3 years but in the middle of my yard, next to the tree stump is a volunteer petunia that started blooming this week.  Not sure how it got there, some critter must have planted it for me!

Have you participated in a swap like this?  Check out other posts about this challenge.  Thanks for looking!  :)Linda

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