Anabel’s Lil’ Twister Dolly quilt

Anabel’s Lil’ Twister Dolly quilt


My grand-niece Anabel turned one yesterday and every little girl needs a dolly quilt! This quilt is the result of doing a Lil’ Twister tool demo for quilt guild.  It’s a perfect size for a Tummy Time dolly quilt.

And just for fun, I made a little postage stamp quilt for the dolly!  My quilting buddy, Candace, has been donating charms to me for my PSQ and a few of them were pink flannel!   Isn’t it cute?   I used a flannel backing with no batting or quilting.

I didn’t have Anabel’s dolly for the photo, so I swiped a Teddy bear from our daughter’s room to show the size.

I usually do big projects, but it’s very satisfying to make small ones!

I didn’t have an August finish to post, where did that month go, so I’m linking to September’s Stitch In Time for my first finish.  I hope to have another finish this month!  We’ll see!

September Finishes  
Check out other September finishes here!  Thanks for looking.  🙂 Linda

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