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Dolly Quilts for little ones

Dolly Quilts for little ones

wrapped and ready



What does a quilter take to a 2 year old’s birthday party for a present?  Dolly quilts!



Anabel's dolly quilt

As a true scrap quilter, I went to my box of “magic squares” and found sample cuts of a fabric line and random squares of miscellaneous scraps donated to me.



This group is perfect for Anabel’s dolly quilt, the birthday girl.


Jordy's dolly quilt




The random squares are great for Jordy, not his birthday but it’s fun to have a gift for him, too.



flannel back on Anabel's




The quilts are pillow-cased with no batting.  I used flannel and Minkee for the backing fabric.  My expert grandma friend, Candace, recommends no batting for dolly quilts, it’s better for wrapping the babies!


Jordy's trying his out at naptime





I couldn’t get the birthday girl, Anabel, to pose but here’s Jordy and his baby taking a nap.

Thanks!  🙂 Linda



Anabel’s Lil’ Twister Dolly quilt

Anabel’s Lil’ Twister Dolly quilt


My grand-niece Anabel turned one yesterday and every little girl needs a dolly quilt! This quilt is the result of doing a Lil’ Twister tool demo for quilt guild.  It’s a perfect size for a Tummy Time dolly quilt.

And just for fun, I made a little postage stamp quilt for the dolly!  My quilting buddy, Candace, has been donating charms to me for my PSQ and a few of them were pink flannel!   Isn’t it cute?   I used a flannel backing with no batting or quilting.

I didn’t have Anabel’s dolly for the photo, so I swiped a Teddy bear from our daughter’s room to show the size.

I usually do big projects, but it’s very satisfying to make small ones!

I didn’t have an August finish to post, where did that month go, so I’m linking to September’s Stitch In Time for my first finish.  I hope to have another finish this month!  We’ll see!

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