First Tummy Time Quilt of 2015!

First Tummy Time Quilt of 2015!

Mom to be!Yes, those string blocks are from my January retreat sewing!  How about that for getting a quilt done in time for the baby shower?!  Thirty six string blocks make a great Tummy Time quilt.  The pattern is a free download from, called Rectangle Strings.  If you wanted to make a bigger quilt, add borders.  I leave off the borders so the quilt finishes at width of fabric.Baby Hartman pink string quiltThe quilting is a double meander scrunched together, which looks like ruffles.  This quilting design will be another Quilt Easy video when I find another quilt to do it on!stitched labelSince the baby’s name hasn’t been revealed, the stitched label is “Baby Girl”!  I’m usually only making quilts for my big family but this one is for a very special neighbor.  And just to be safe, I’ve got more baby quilts in the works!

I sure hope spring follows Spring Ahead today!  I’m ready for winter to be over!

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