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Brandenburg Flowers

Brandenburg Flowers

Stephanie Brandenburg Daydreams

When Sheila brought me this Stephanie Brandenburg quilt, I knew I would need lots of thread!  In fact, this is the reason I have a large thread collection!  I had great fun with thread play on this quilt and used eleven different So Fine! #50 colors.

11 thread colors

I  used double batting for this project, Quilter’s Dream Poly black and Hobb’s Heirloom wool.  Stephanie Brandenburg paints with color, I painted with thread!  Fair warning!  Lot’s of pictures! Read the rest of this entry

Hunter Star One, Two, Three

Hunter Star One, Two, Three

Corner feathers detailHunter Star One is a large quilt by Janann using her favorite blocks and wool batting.  The big borders gave me lots of room for freehand stylized feathers with traveling circles.

Janann's Hunter Star OneIsn’t this a great layout?!  The first picture shows the color better, if spring returns I’ll be able to take pictures outside!  I decided to use a simple freehand medallion design with an outline of the 8 point star.

Star detail wool battingWool batting lets the design pop out.  For a large quilt, it’s very light in weight, too.

Hunter Star TwoHunter Star Two is the reject blocks that didn’t make it into One!  Janann set the blocks in a secondary square pattern unlike an alternating light dark in One.  Scroll back up and look at the difference.

Two block detailThe medallion quilting is similar but looks totally different because of the setting of the blocks.  The batting is Quilter’s Dream Poly select which quilts very flat like cotton.  Which setting do you prefer?  I like Two!

Two corner detailHere’s the detail of Two’s borders.

Three pillow topsAnd here is Hunter Star Three!  Quilted pillow tops!  Janann has lots of finishing to do here!


Thanks!  🙂 Linda



Blue and Yellow, Front and Back

Blue and Yellow, Front and Back

Lois' blue and yellow quiltLots of quilting here!  The outside border is quilted with blue thread, the center area is quilted with yellow thread.  In most cases, I match the needle and bobbin thread.backing detail yellow and blue threadLois used a solid light backing, therefore, the back of the quilt is blue and yellow, too!  What do you think about using contrasting thread against a light backing fabric?  When planning your fabric for the backing, consider the thread!four patch borderHere’s a detail of the quilting designs.  I love how the yellow and blue areas are defined and the 4-patches pop!

The middle is stitched with my Cockscomb meander and the border is a floral meander with Terry Twist in the four patches.  By using freehand designs, I can shrink or enlarge the stitching to fit the space.  I just have to remember which one I’m stitching!

Thanks!  Linda 🙂


Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands,  Stellar Quilts


In honor of our 22 wedding anniversary today, I’m sharing Wedding Bands!  The quilt pattern can be found in Judy Martin’s book, Stellar Quilts.

It’s a big one!  Much bigger than my hanging space and the space at the Williamsburg Quilt show, where it’s on display this weekend.

Williamsburg Iowa Quilt show











My friend and co-worker, Candra, perfectly pieced this quilt and had every intention of hand quilting it for her client.

I was very honored that she entrusted me to quilt it similar to the quilting design in Judy Martin’s book.  Candra added additional borders to the quilt, giving me space to extend the quilting theme of ghosted blocks surrounded by feathers.  I thoroughly enjoyed quilting this but after having it on the frame for 2 1/2 weeks, I took a break!

The thread is a matching So Fine! #50 in each area.  The batting is Quilter’s Dream Poly select.  Enjoy the pictures and thanks for looking!

Corner quilting detail center quilting detail Center medallion detail








🙂 Linda






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